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Composed, Produced and Mixed by Morton Davis
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This album consist of an exotic Spanish music form with elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening. The music is still in production and the official name of the album and songs are not yet final.

Percussion by:
Jose Sierra

Piano by:
Bob Johns

Bass by:
Bob Johns and Morton Davis

Guitar by:
Steve Della Maggiora

String Arrangements by:
Morton Davis

Composed, Recorded and Mixed at:
Morton Davis Productions Studio

Music is the gift that keeps on giving...

Producer, Songwriter, Mixing Engineer

Morton Davis Productions
A publishing company, registered with ASCAP

Illegitimi non carborundum
Honor Few, Fear None...

-Morton Davis

***ALL Publishing and Performing RIGHTS RESERVED:
Morton Davis Productions aka The Mixing Room North, 1992 - 2018

Produced and Mixed by Morton Davis
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